Monday 19 March 2012

Running with the pushchair

This morning I managed a 5k run with the pushchair, and I'm jolly proud of myself. It's the furthest that I've run in nearly two years. When we were buying pushchairs for Harry we were gym bunnies, and we deliberately purchased one that could be used for running. Perhaps predictably, it didn't get as much use as we had envisaged, although during Harry's second summer when he was rising at 5am we did get out for a few early morning runs along the seafront.

Mondays are the day that Harry goes to nursery, and last Monday the weather was so beautiful that I was suddenly struck with the desire to take Mia out for a run. I put on my running gear and my trainers, loaded her up and off I went. I only went a short way around the estate, but it felt good. I got a few second glances from people as I puffed past them, but luckily the estate is quiet and I didn't see anyone that I knew.

This morning I stepped up the pace a bit, and added in a couple of extra loops. I'm hoping that I can make my Monday run a regular thing now, as long as it's not raining. Timings need to be carefully planned - Mia must have been up for long enough that she is ready for a sit down, but not so long that she will fall asleep in the pushchair. I don't want to waste that precious naptime in her cot! Of course it won't happen when I'm back at work, as on my days off I'll have the two of them, but I can still try to get out at the weekend.

I wouldn't say that running with a pushchair is any more difficult that running without one, although because you can't really move your arms you do need to adjust the way that you run a little. As the baby gets bigger it does get a bit harder to push, but I hope that this just adds to the workout. The downside is that you get back from your run completely exhausted, ready for a shower and a sit down, while the baby is fully rested and ready to be entertained!

I'd love to know if anyone else successfully manages a running regime with a pushchair, as I did feel a bit of an oddity!


  1. My husband has recently started running 5K on evenings gearing up to run the Bristol 10K and I've got to say I can't think of anything I'd like to do less before settling down for supper. I'm so not a runner but admire those who do it. You must be quite the picture running with your pushchair.

    1. I have to say it's a lot more fun finishing a run than starting it! I do get some funny looks, I just smile at everyone!


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