Friday 16 March 2012

I've been tagged!

Two lovely bloggers have tagged me in a questions and answers meme! They get to ask me 11 questions each and then I am supposed to tag people to answer my questions. As I recently took part in something very similar, I hope that they will forgive me if I just answer the questions. There are some tricky ones!

First up from Helpful Mum:

1. What age were you when you had your first kiss?
I was a newborn baby (well I assume that I was kissed as a baby, I can't remember!)

2. How long have you been with your partner for?
We've been married for nearly 5 years, and together for a few years before that...

3. Chocolate or crisps?
Crisps when I'm hungry but chocolate when I'm eating junk for the sake of it.

4. What do you most enjoy doing in your spare time?
Anything which lets me relax and have some space in my head away from toddler chatter. At the moment I'm enjoying cross stitch. I also like reading books and blogs, and watching films.

5. How old were you when you had your first child?
I was 29.

6. Which famous person do you find the most attractive?
David Tennant is rather easy on the eye...

7. Do you like any sports or follow any specific teams?
I don't follow any sport at all. I had to pick an Olympic sport that I wanted to watch when we were applying for tickets. I chose synchronised swimming, which we did actually get but then to my husband's delight we were upgraded to normal swimming. Personally I would have been interested to watch synchronised swimming, but as the non-sports-fan in the house I can't really complain.

8. What or who is your inspiration in life?
My Mum :)

9. Do you have any pets and, if not, would you like any?
I had a goldfish for a long time and I'd like to get another one day. Really I'd love a cat, but my hubby claims that he's allergic...!

10. How long have you been writing a blog for?
I started in July 2011 so that's (counts on fingers) 8 months.

11. What are your top parenting tips for others?
Babies don't just cry when they are hungry, as well as many other reasons, they also cry when they are tired! Also, with a baby a walk in the pushchair solves most problems.

And next from Mummylish:

1. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
I collect free postcards from the cinema.

2. Where in the world would you like to visit and why?
Since reading about it in a Bill Bryson book I've always wanted to visit Hammerfest, which claims to be the northenmost city in the world, and see the Northern Lights. I have seen the Northern Lights in Iceland but I'd love to see a more spectacular display.

3. Today I really should ___________?

4. Who is number one on your “allowed list”?
If this means what I think it means, we haven't had this discussion!

5.If you could do any job in the world what would it be?
Probably something with children, or else a librarian.

6. Countryside or city life?
Countryside, as long as I had a car and the roads weren't too narrow.

7. What is your favourite flavour crisp?
I like those Pringles that come in the green can, I think it's sour cream or something.

8.What is the funniest search term someone used to find your blog?
Mine are all really boring and actually relate to things found on my blog. The most interesting is "donkey head cardboard outline". I was about to say that I've never written about donkeys, but in fact I have, not cardboard ones though.

9. Radio 1 or Radio 2?
Still Radio 1, although I only listen to the radio in the car and I don't know how to tune it, so I listen to whatever my hubby was listening to the last time he drove.

10. What is the first word that comes into your mind when you see the word “tree”?
House! I'd love a tree house!

11. What is your favourite spot in your house?
The nice comfy bed!


  1. I can feel myself heading into Radio 2 territory. I think it was turning 30 that did it.

    1. I am thinking that it might be time to head that way.

  2. I'm a radio two girl but have been for the past few years. Maybe it was approaching 30 that did it for me!

    1. I wonder at what age Radio 4 appears on the horizon?!

  3. Aaahhh I'm really touched, thank you. Mum xoxoxo

  4. Good dodging on some of those questions! I too have read the Bill Bryson book where he goes to Hammerfest. He makes the strangest of places sound wonderful. I have met him. He is ace.

    1. We don't all blog anonymously! Can't believe that you've met Bill Bryson!


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