Monday 8 December 2014

Review - Hot Wheels Super Looper Track Set

Recently on the blog we reviewed the Hot Wheels Total Turbo Takeover track set, and Harry has still been having a lot of fun playing with it. So he was very keen when we were asked to review the Hot Wheels Super Looper Track Set (affiliate link).

Hot Wheels Super Looper Track Set review

The Super Looper Track Set is fully compatible with all the other sets in the Hot Wheels Track Builder System, which includes several different sets as well as other pieces of track which can be purchased separately. It's a wall mounted set and the cars can either speed around the main loop or around the double loop at the side, with a lever at the top (underneath the flames) to control which way the cars will go.

Hot Wheels Super Looper Track Set review

It's a large set, and you need to have an area of (painted) wall available which measures at least 120cm x 120cm along with space in front to play with it, especially if you want to connect it to other track sets. You will also need 4 x D batteries which are not included.

Hot Wheels Super Looper Track Set review

The instructions form a template for the wall fixings, to make sure that they are positioned accurately. The track is then fixed to the wall at five points using hooks kept in place with 3M command strips. Although it is claimed that they are easy to remove, realistically you aren't going to want to keep taking the track up and down, so once built it's going to be a pretty permanent feature on your wall for as long as you want it there.

Hot Wheels Super Looper Track Set review

I ended up assembling this track, which isn't a task that comes naturally to me. There are quite a lot of pieces, and although they are clearly labelled it wasn't always obvious to me how they fitted together. It ended up being a joint effort but we managed it, and it feels pretty sturdy now that it's together. I gave up following the instructions by the end and just used the picture on the box as I was fixing it to the wall.

When assembled, you just need to turn on the booster, position your car to one side, then press the lever to load it on to the track. The booster is very powerful and the car whizzes around at a tremendous speed, you can't really see it as it's so quick! Harry loves it but I find that it is quite a lot faster than I think it needs to be!

Like our other set, only one car is included which is a bit of a shame because I'm not brave enough to trust any of our other cars in it (experience with the other set has shown that they don't work very well and because this set is so fast I'm wary of cars flying about the room like missiles). Although it does work as a standalone set, it will be more fun when we've attached some more track to the bottom and perhaps added another car or two for some potential crashes.

Harry helped me to make a little video of the Super Looper Track Set in action, so that you can really get a feel for just how fast the car zips around the track.

We received the Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race in exchange for this review. Amazon link is affiliate.

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