Saturday 27 December 2014

Christmas 2014

I hope that all my readers had a lovely Christmas? We have had a really nice few days, with lots of time spent together as a family. I would like to say it's been relaxing but the truth is that Mia especially never sits still very very long so it's been pretty busy even though we've not been out the house much!

We managed a family photograph this year, showing that this has definitely been the year of the Christmas jumper!

Family Christmas 2014

The children open their stockings first thing, and then we wait until everyone is dressed and has had breakfast before moving on to family presents. Most of their presents are smaller ones in their stockings, as we only buy them one main gift each from us. Ram bought me some lovely gifts this year that showed he had been listening to me - some washi tape and some Christmas jigsaws!

Harry's main present from us both was the Lego Cargo Train set. He absolutely loves it and he spent most of the day building parts of it. There is loads in the set, it's going to keep him busy for days. We spent a lovely hour or so in the afternoon sitting quietly at the dining table with him doing Lego and me doing one of my jigsaws. 

Family Christmas 2014

Ram was delighted with his Christmas present too, the Lego Millennium Falcon. It wasn't exactly a surprise as he bought it himself when he found it on offer a couple of weeks ago, but I wrapped it up! He hasn't started building it yet as the train set is going to be finished first, luckily he has a bit more time off work to get on with it.

Family Christmas 2014

Mia's main present was a Baby Annabell doll. She babbles, and you can feed her water from a bottle which makes her cry wet tears (she doesn't wet her nappy fortunately). Mia loves her. I find her a bit freaky though, I keep hearing her crying in the next room and thinking it's Mia, or catching sight of her on the floor in the corner of the room and having baby flashbacks, thinking it's a real baby lying there!

Family Christmas 2014

We don't do a traditional Christmas dinner, as I'm the only one that would eat it. We do some roasted vegetables (bought ready to go in the oven!) and we do various snack food for us and the children, with a pizza for Harry. As you can perhaps see from her plate, Mia's Christmas dinner consisted mainly of blueberries.

Family Christmas 2014

Another present from Ram was a cool GorillaPod tripod stand for my phone, which will come in very handy. I used it to make this time lapse video of our Christmas dinner. It's going to be a lovely memory to look back on in years to come, you can see the fidgety children jumping up and down and then Mia unfortunately being sick because she'd eaten too quickly! This is our first Christmas dinner where both children sat down for a reasonable amount of time and actually ate something without any screaming so that's a nice milestone!

Late afternoon we went over to my parent's house along with my brother and his wife, a sanctuary of soft music and mulled wine quickly turned upside down by our two excited children running about. Fortunately they each received some lovely gifts that kept them quite for a short while so that we could enjoy our tea!

Then we popped them in their pyjamas and came back home to put them to bed before a quiet evening in front of the television!


  1. What a lovely relaxed day you all had, well as the reader it sounds it! Those Legos are huge! I got a cupcake puzzle I can't wait to start on! X

    1. We did have a lovely day :) We've finally finished building the Lego trainset, and I know that Harry will be playing with it for a long time yet. Next to start the Star Wars thing!


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