Friday 19 December 2014

Simple Christmas crafts using ribbon

A little while back I received some gorgeous ribbon from Fantastic Ribbons to use for some Christmas crafting. You can see my Hama bead and ribbon tree ornaments here using the dark green ribbon, and this week I've been crafting with the second ribbon that I received - 15mm Twill Ribbon "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" priced at £2.50 for a 4m roll. It's a lovely ribbon, nice and thick, and I wanted to come up with ways of using it that showed off the festive text.

Christmas crafts using ribbon

I started with some simple baubles. I bought these plain baubles in Ikea a few years ago in the sales after Christmas. They were very cheap, and they aren't particularly nice as standalone baubles, but I knew that they would be easy to upcycle.

Christmas crafts using ribbon

I used fabric glue to stick a length of ribbon around the bauble and used some thinner contrasting green ribbon to make the hanging loop.

Christmas crafts using ribbon

Then I used some of the ribbon to decorate some little gift boxes. They are made from an old cardboard tube, covered in coloured Duck Tape (or you could cover with festive paper or paint them) and then the ribbon is used to decorate the ends, glued down with fabric glue. Once filled with small treats they can be stapled shut and handed out.

Christmas crafts using ribbon

Finally I used the ribbon to tie the ends of our home made Christmas crackers. The ribbon looks lovely (and of course it can be removed and reused again for years to come!)

This particular ribbon would also be a great choice for wrapping any little gifts from Father Christmas, in particular I think it would be perfect for tying the top of a small fabric gift bag. If the children hadn't already seen it, I'd also be using it to wrap any little gifts that our Elf on the Shelf brings for them!

I received two rolls of Christmas ribbon to review.

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