Friday 5 December 2014

Review - The Hudl 2 from Tesco for children

We've recently been reviewing the Hudl 2 tablet from Tesco, and having a particular look at how it can be used an enjoyed by young children. Harry is nearly 6 and Mia is 3, and they have been having a lot of fun with it.

We intended the Hudl to be used mainly by the children, so we chose a protective bumper case for it, which as well as providing some protection also makes it easy for them to grip.

Obviously we supervise the children while they are using the Hudl, but we've also been impressed with the child safety setings. We've set the Hudl up with a screen lock, so they can only access it in the first place by entering the correct pin number. Then we've set up different user profiles which are all completely individual, with only primary user able to add or delete accounts and change the profile settings. There is an icon for each account on the Screen Lock page.

We've also set up Google safe search to filter out unsuitable content, and set up a content filter within YouTube (the app that they use the most) to make sure they don't access anything that we don't want them watching. We've also set password protection on Google Play so they can't buy anything without us knowing!

Harry and Mia helped me to make the video below showing how the Hudl 2 can be used and enjoyed by young children, and to share a few of their favourite things about it.

We received a Hudl 2 and case in exchange for a video review and blog post. As of April 2015 the Hudl 2 retails for £99.

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