Sunday 14 December 2014

Christmas crafts using festive Duck Tape

Recently I've been crafting with Duck Tape. Duck Tape has been around for years, and it's a tough, very strong tape that can be easily torn and yet sticks firmly to almost anything. The film is combined with cotton, meaning that it's flexible, and can also be stuck together to produce a fabric type material.

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

Duck Tape is available in a range of colours and patterns, and this Christmas I was sent some festive rolls to use for some Christmas crafting. I received gold, silver, red, green, black and white rolls.

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

Here are some of the ways that I used the Duck Tape this Christmas:

Christmas card holder and display

This Christmas card holder is so easy to make from Duck tape. It can be stuck across a mantlepiece, a door frame, bookshelves, the wall - anywhere! You just need two long strips of Duck tape. Place one strip sticky side up across a long table and then stick a second piece the same length down on it, leaving about a centimetre of the sticky side showing. Fold the bottom of the tape down under the back so it is only sticky on one side. Then attach it to your chosen surface using some more Duck tape.

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

As you receive a card you can attach it to the tape from one corner where it will be held securely. The Christmas cards will easily peel away when you take them down, so that you can keep or recycle them.

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

A mat for Santa's treats on Christmas Eve

This mat for Father Christmas is made from a piece of cereal box covered in white Duck Tape. Then I made some stripes across the bottom left with the coloured tape. One of the strips is folded over to make a small pocket where the children can tuck a letter for Santa. I cut out a green circle from two pieces of tape stuck together for a mince pie. I must admit that it wasn't as easy as I had hoped to cut out the circle but I think that it looks okay. Then there is a rectangle for the carrot. This will go by the fireplace on Christmas Eve!

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

Duck Tape and ribbon gift boxes

These small, colourful gift boxes are made from old toilet roll tubes. The tube is covered in Duck tape, decorated with some festive ribbon and then stapled together at one end. Small treats are placed inside, then it is stapled shut ready to give to the recipient.

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

Ribbon for decorations and wrapping

The gold and silver Duck Tape in particular can be used to make some lovely stiff ribbon. You just need two long strips. Place one strip sticky side up on a table then place another strip down. It can be quite tricky to line up the strips, so I placed one slightly higher up and then folded over both sides. The Duck tape is much easier to cut when it is covered on both sides, so you can cut a nice triangle into the ends. I used the Duck tape ribbon to make some bows for the Christmas tree, you could also use it to wrap presents, to decorate around the sides of you Christmas cake, to use on a wreath, or on all sorts of other festive decorations.

Christmas crafts using Festive Duck tape

You can also buy Duck Tape in a huge range of colours and patterns. You can see some of the cool patterned tape that I bought on holiday recently. It also has loads of practical uses around the home. I used some to mend our cardboard play house and Harry's book bag!

I was sent a selection of Duck Tape to use for these crafts. A roll costs around £5.


  1. I love the gold bows, they would look fab on bunting outside.

    1. It does look gorgeous, the silver and gold Duck Tape is really shiny


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