Wednesday 13 July 2016

5 Years of Blogging - My most popular blog posts since the beginning

This week I'm celebrating five years of blogging over here at Jennifer's Little World!

Today I'm going to share my five most popular blog posts, right back from when I started this blog in July 2011. I'm using the stats data from Blogger, so it may not be the most reliable, but it's the only way that I have of going back to the beginning. So here, in reverse order to build suspense, are the five most popular blog posts on Jennifer's Little World of all time:

5 - Realistic play food for the toy kitchen

This post has done very well recently after it was shared on a popular Facebook page. It's an old one, but I went back and updated it with a more Pinterest friendly graphic and it's continuing to be popular. It's a really simple way to make play food and I hope that it has inspired people to come up with their own creations for the toy kitchen!

Realistic play food for the toy kitchen

4 - Cardboard play biscuits for the toy kitchen

This is another old post and was my first entry into the PinAddicts challenge which is sadly no longer running as I loved taking part! Another very simple craft and those biscuits are still floating around somewhere amongst our vast toy food collection.

3 - My cross stitch sampler

This was a post that I wrote for another linky about a cross stitch sampler that I completed before I started my blog. I suspect that this is a bit of an anomaly post though, as for some reason it became such a target for spam that I had to disable comments from the post! I do love my sampler though so I'll share another picture!

2 - How to make a Nativity Play Shepherd's Costume from a pillowcase

This post always brings me a lot of traffic in the run up to Christmas, as panicked parents start to Google. I like to think that there are many pillowcase dressed shepherds out there and I always like to look back at pictures of my tiny shepherd.

Shepherd's costume from a pillow case

1 - 10 car journey activities to do with your toddler

It's an old post with terrible images (although I'd like to think there's some useful information), so I can only guess that somehow I managed to get the SEO spot on with this post and so it comes up well in searches! I've never been very good at entertaining children in the car, and to be honest these activities worked much better on a plane when I was close by and able to assist and supervise, but hopefully the post has helped a few people out!

I hope that you enjoyed seeing some of my older posts!


  1. Happy anniversary to you! My 5th anniversary is coming up soon too, it is funny how there are so many of us who started around the same time. Here's to another five years


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