Wednesday 20 July 2016

A family summer holiday challenge

Quercus Living have published a Kids Summer Holiday Challenge, with a different activity to try with the children for each week of the summer holiday. It's a great help, as it's difficult coming up with things to do with the children over the holidays. I usually get together with the children and we make up a list together of all the things that we want to do, from old favourites to something new.

So here are six things that I'm challenging us to do this summer, perhaps there's something here to inspire you!

Visit some local Geocaches - we are used to looking for Geocaches when we are camping or otherwise out and about in the countryside, but having checked recently I was surprised to find that there are 20 within a mile of our house alone, including one at our local Asda where we go all the time! We'll definitely be hunting some of them down.

Go for bike rides - I had this on my list last summer, but I'm determined to get Harry riding a bike this year. We've very kindly been given a bike by a friend that is the right size for him so it's just a case of getting out and practising on it! We are lucky that our cul-de-sac is quiet, so as long as I'm out there with them I'm happy for them to spend as long out there as they want, and perhaps I can sit in the shade with a book...

Complete a Summer Reading Challenge - I definitely want to make sure that the children keep up with their reading and the other day I shared a great list from YouTube Kids of different ways that children can read a book for 20 minutes each day. It's printed out in the kitchen and Harry has already made a start, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Have a camping festival in the garden - We tend to avoid campsites over the summer holidays as they get very busy and also have a minimum two night stay, and we've not built up to that yet. But I'm definitely hoping to be camping in the garden this summer as we've done before, weather permitting, and I want to make it really special this year, with decorations, bunting, glow sticks, music, a barbecue, a midnight feast and lots of games. Let's hope for some nice warm evenings!

Go to the beach - We are so lucky to live by the coast and we don't make nearly as much of it as we should do. I'm intending to get myself out for some runs along the seafront, and I want to spend more time there than just a brief visit, with a picnic, some beach toys, and maybe even a paddle!

Play more board and card games - I recently sorted out our toy cupboard and we've been having a great time re-discovering the games that had ended up at the back and having a go at ones that had been too difficult before. In particular I've found that we can now all play simple card games like Happy Families and Old Maid, which is brilliant as I have very fond memories of playing family games when I was growing up. I'm going to attempt playing at least one card or board game every day that we are at home during the holidays.

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