Thursday 21 July 2016

Review - Express Trolley Bags

At the end of last year I shared my review of the awesome Trolley Bags. With free supermarket shopping bags a distant memory, and my stash of plastic bags dwindling, these bags really are invaluable when it comes to the weekly shop. I'm lucky that my husband normally does our large weekly shop, and he's been making great use of them. However I'm usually responsible for a smaller top up shop during the week, and I find that I just don't need that much capacity when I'm only picking up a few bits and pieces.

Enter the Express Trolley Bags (affiliate link)! These bags are smaller in size and designed to fit perfectly into the smaller, speedier trolleys. I prefer to use this size trolley anyway when I'm shopping as I find them much more manoeuvrable, and although the larger bags can be used in the smaller trolley, ones that are designed to fit are much better.

There are four separate bags that velcro together and can be rolled up neatly when not in use. Then when you are ready to use them you simply pull them across your trolley to fit it and separate them at the end when you come to load them into your car.

Review - Express Trolley Bags

If you are using a scan as you shop service you can fill the bags directly while you are shopping, otherwise you can keep the bags rolled up out of the way at the end of your trolley until you are at the checkout.

Review - Express Trolley Bags

Although smaller the bags are still really roomy, I only needed to use two of the bags for my small shop! And because they are smaller they are also light and easy to lift into the car.

The bags are colour coded, and we've found it really useful to designate different bags for different types of items - for example one is used for fruit and veg, one for dairy, and we use the largest bags for the bulkiest items so that they don't end up too heavy. I've had so many positive comments while out and about shopping with the Trolley Bags and I'd really recommend a set!

Review - Express Trolley Bags

I received the Express Trolley Bags in exchange for this review.


  1. I seriously need to get me some of these, aren't they just fab!!


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