Friday 1 July 2016

My Sky Blanket in June #skyblanket2016

My Sky Blanket is now complete! Here is a link to the completed Sky Blanket

Here is how my blanket progressed throughout the year - JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust, September, October, November and December.

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Sky Blanket progress in June

I can't believe that this post marks the halfway point of my Sky Blanket - the months are flying by! I'll admit that I'm finding the blanket a little unwieldy to work on now. It's pretty much square, so it's going to be a nice rectangle when it's finished. I'm so glad that I stuck to a 200 chain width, because even though it might end up quite long and skinny, it means that if I get a few days behind I can catch up quite easily. And I'm finding that I am tending to work on a few days at a time now, just because it's such an effort to haul it all out and then pack it up again into the bag when the row is done!

So, here's the blanket at the end of June:

Sky Blanket progress in June

I think I'm going to need a new photo location from next month! The edges are looking pretty wobbly, I'm hoping that a border will sort that out at the end.

My previous updates - January, February, March, April and May.

It's been a bit of a quiet month sky-wise. On the 22nd June there was a massive thunderstorm with loads and loads of rain during the evening and early hours of the next day. The first proper thunderstorm since I started my blanket, and quite possibly the most rain I've ever seen in this country! So I made a row in dark grey of half trebles in every other stitch and wove through some ribbony yarn that I received from Bergere de France, it's really slippery and shiny and definitely looks rainy. I'm sure I'll be using it again!

Sky Blanket progress in June

I also popped in a little seashell button to represent our lovely trip to Cornwall and the shells that we saw on the beach.

Sky Blanket progress in June

Sunrises are too early for me to be up now (thank goodness the days with 4.45am starts are over!) and I always seem to miss sunsets. The main problem is that we don't have any windows in the house which face east or west, and at this time of year I don't tend to be out and about at sunset time.

This month seems to have been a bit more mixed, and there's more grey than blue. I've been keeping a close eye on my yarn and I'm hoping that I have enough left in all the colours that I need. Otherwise I'll need to pick apart my granny square blanket and rescue some grey from the border!

Sky Blanket progress in June

There was a group of us taking part in the Sky Blanket project throughout 2016, and you can find us across social media, in particular Instagram, using the hashtag #skyblanket2016. The project was started by Bug, Bird & Bee, The Boy and Me and You Little Sew and Sew.

If you aren't sure if a Sky Blanket is the project for you, you might like this blog post with some more ideas for a year long craft project.

With many thanks to Make it Coats for supplying me with the yarn for this project.

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