Monday 5 September 2016

Crafting is my Therapy September 2016

Welcome to September's Crafting is my Therapy linky hosted by myself and Me, You and Magoo - a place for you to share all the crafty things that you've been working on over the last month!

It's not been easy to get much crafting done this month with it being the school holidays - I didn't realise quite how dependent I was on my child free time to get things done! So most of the crafty activity around here has been that which involved the children - I wrote about our crafty summer here!

We've been doing all sorts - Hama beading, painting a porcelain tea set, gel stickers, making headbands, shrinky plastic crafts - it's been a lot of fun! Probably my favourite thing that we made together was these lovely little felt finger puppets/stuffed toys - Harry made his giraffe all by himself and Mia and I worked on the teddy/monster together!

Felt crafting with children

This month we have been working with Posca pens. These gorgeous pens are unique, water-based paint markers that can be used on almost all surfaces - fabric, glass, metal, paper, card, wood, stone...anything you can think of! The pens come in a range of vibrant colours and tip sizes, making them a brilliant pen for crafters.

I'm always collecting notebooks, and I have these two that my husband has brought back from conferences. With their black covers they are quite difficult to decorate, but the Posca pens worked brilliantly, even the white pen showed up beautifully. Mia decorated one notebook and I decorated the other one with a bit of help from Harry - I'm planning on using it as a notebook for us to write little letters to each other, an idea I've picked up from Pinterest!

Posca pen decorated notebooks

Then I used the pens for a bit of stone decorating. Our garden is full of stones that we've picked up from the beach, but I've never had a lot of luck decorating them with paints as it can get a bit messy. With the pens I was able to come up with some really intricate designs and the pens drew on the stone beautifully with lovely bright colours and no smudging.

Posca pen decorated stone

I'm looking forward to trying out the pens on some glass and plastic surfaces - you can see some more fab crafting with Posca pens over at Me, You and Magoo.


  1. Those felt animals are so cute - I've not done any sewing with my kids yet, think I need to sort that out! I love the idea of a letter notebook, personalising it together is such a lovely way to get started too. #craftingismytherapy

  2. Love the felt animals! My daughter really wants to start stitching, I must get her started with some simple felt projects soon. The Posca pens are great aren't they? #craftingismytherapy

  3. I love the monster and the giraffe. They're wonderful! I did similar felty makes with my boys in the summer. I tried very hard not to get frustrated with their slow stiching!!

  4. I love the felt animals. Such a great idea decorating notebooks with the pens, I have 3 black notebooks I could pretty up too :) xx #craftingismytherapy

  5. What a lovely creative summer your family has had :) Pleased to be linking up again with #craftingismytherapy - will drop back to comment on the other posts soon (fab to see so many)


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