Friday 9 September 2016

Mystical Patterns - Coloring Pages for Grown Ups

Hello! I am Maggy and I usually write over at Red Ted Art! Thank you so much for having me share some of our Adult Coloring Pages with you today!!! Coloring for grown ups is something I discovered (along with the rest of the world) last summer! I found it was a wonderful way to be creative, in a clam, meditative “me time” sort of way. For me coloring is a time to switch off, let my mind wander, create something pretty.. without any pressure to create (if that makes sense!). There are now gazillions of books available to purchase…but there are also stacks of great coloring pages for grown ups that you can download for free online! We wanted to share some of our favourite ones with you today!

Mystical patterns colouring pages for grown ups

1. Flowers & Hearts – this could could be printed in A5 format and would make wonderful greeting cards – maybe on someone’s birthday or Mother’s Day?

2. With Autumn upon us, this leaf mandala (and bonus “Turkey coloring") is simply gorgeous. I can just see you using all those lovely yellows, oranges and reds!

3. A set of two Mandalas designed by the talented Hattifant.

4. 3 Dreams Matter Mandalas – an excerpt from the amazing Mindfulness Matters Book.

5. Plus 3 more meaningful Mandalas.

I hope you find these coloring pages for grown ups inspirational. I find it such a wonderful way to switch off and it is a great activity to do alone or in company. Quietly draw together, chat about your day or just enjoy each other’s company.

I also enjoy turning colouring pages I have completed into greeting cards (often printing them out in A5 format first and folding the paper in half.) Or printing a bundle of pages out, buying a set of felt tips and giving them as small presents to friends and family!

Hope you have enjoyed them as much as we do!!!

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