Wednesday 28 September 2016

Crafty uses for a comb binding machine at home

Over the summer I was lucky enough to receive a electric comb binder (affiliate link) to review, and we used it to make our fabulous summer holiday scrapbook.

Crafty uses for a comb binder around the home

I have lots of other crafty projects in mind for using my comb binder, both for myself and projects for the children, so I thought that I'd share them here in case anyone is looking for inspiration! My comb binding machine is an electronic one which makes it really easy to cut holes in thicker materials like laminated paper or cardboard.

Hobbies and crafting

Patterns - for knitting, crochet, cross stitch and so on, either to keep safe or to use while working on, as the bound sheets will lie flat for easy use

Recipes - again as the sheets lie flat it's the perfect way to organise the recipes that you use regularly for easy access

Inspiration file - with cuttings from magazines, to keep them all together

Blog planner - I'm still collecting ideas for this but there are loads of free blog planner printables about, and although I do a lot of my planning electronically I do like to be able to write things down as well

Portfolios - a way to store and display your best pieces of written work, or sketches, or photographs and so on

For the children

A colouring book - print out free colouring pages and bind them together for a personalised colouring book that you can take travelling with you

A way to collect together stories and artwork - children can write and illustrate their own stories and bind them together to make books, or else keep a diary of what they've been up to or a special day out or holiday, like our holiday scrapbook

Laminated scrapbook made using a comb binder

Worksheets - perhaps they could be laminated so that they can be worked on again and again, for example for handwriting practice

School information - like class lists, contact details, schedules, after school club information, lunch menus, curriculum information

School work - bind together some of the favourite writing and drawing from the year to create a series of books showing their development. You could also add in certificates that they've received over the year and school photographs

Around the house

Instruction manuals - you could include manuals that are different sizes and make a handy book to flip through

Takeaway menus - for handy access and comparison!

A cleaning schedule - perhaps with laminated pages so that you can tick off chores as they are completed

A babysitting manual - with information for babysitters such as emergency contact numbers, details of your routine, where different things (like the chocolate biscuits!) are kept and so on

How would you use a comb binder at home? I'm sure there are lots of other ideas!

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