Friday 16 September 2022

Book review - What a Shell Can Tell by Helen Scales, illustrated by Sonia Pulido

Regular readers will know that I love beachcombing and hunting on beaches for treasure, so when I was offered the chance to review this gorgeous book I knew that it would be right up my street! What a Shell Can Tell by Helen Scales and illustrated by Sonia Pulido dives into the world of shells and the creatures who inhabit them, from the common and familiar to the weird and wonderful.

Book Review - What a Shell Can Tell by Helen Scales

The book is aimed at young readers, but I think that it would make a wonderful addition to the bookshelf of anyone that has an interest in the sea and its creatures. 

Each double page spread asks a a question about what we can learn from a shell, for example what can a shell's pattern tell you, or what can a shell tell you about where it lives. There's a handy spotters guide to help identify different types of shell and the book is packed with fascinating information, presented in an easy to understand format and full of gorgeous, colourful illustrations. It's designed to connect observations to scientific explanations, looking at what you can see and learning about what that means.

What a Shell Can Tell book inside illustrations

I love hunting for shells and have quite a collection, but I realised that I didn't really know a great deal about them, and I've found this book enormously informative. I was particularly interested in finding out what you can learn about shells from their patterns and textures and it has really made me think more about the shells in my collection. 
What a Shell Can Tell book inside illustrations

I would absolutely recommend this lovely book, not just for children but for anyone that wants to learn more about the world of the ocean and seashore. Sharing this book is a great way to connect with your child as you explore the beach together.

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