Wednesday 21 September 2022

Two different wooden painted signs

A few weeks ago I was in The Works and found myself tempted by the Christmas crafts. I bought a few plain wooden decorations which I thought would be fun to decorate, and also a couple of these Wooden Hanging Signs. I think they were buy one get one free at the time, and as Mia was with me I said that we could each make our own sign. Here's what we started with:

Plain wooden sign from The Works

I was planning a Christmas theme, but Mia decided that she wanted to make a sign for her bedroom door. She takes great pride in her bedroom - she keeps it beautifully clean and tidy and she loves spending her birthday and Christmas money on accessories like fairy lights and fluffy cushions. She searched for some colour schemes and chose the colours that she wanted, mixed up the paints and set to work. I helped her out with the lettering - we chose a font in Word and typed out what she wanted before I copied it as I could using some metallic pens. It says 'Welcome to the cosy den'. 

She added large star sequins and glitter, and I think that it looks amazing! It's hanging on her bedroom door along with some other accessories and it makes me smile every time I go past.

Welcome to the Cosy Den painted door sign

For my sign I went with the Christmas theme. We all spent a mealtime together coming up with various words that I could use. I wanted words with a Christmas theme that weren't religious or too cheesy, and I liked having a rhyme. We came up with 'stars twinkle bells jingle'. I used simple green and red for the background and gold for the lettering. Then I used star sequins for the star words and a couple of small bells glued on next to 'jingle' - I knew that saving them from all those Lindt reindeer over the years would be worth it one day!

Christmas homemade painted wooden sign

I really like how we both started with the same sign and came up with such different interpretations!

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  1. I wish my girls felt the same about their bedrooms that Mia does. I feel like I am constantly telling them to tidy their pig sty's. lol
    Mia's sign is fantastic. It's so cute and pretty and yours looks great too. Very festive. x


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