Wednesday 14 September 2022

Why more people are choosing a cruise holiday in 2022, and why you should too

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There are so many reasons to go on a cruise. From having everything you could want to do all in the one place, to seeing many new places all in one trip without the added stress that planning flights between various countries would bring, a cruise is the best choice going for an exciting yet stress-free holiday.

Whether you’re an old hand at cruising, or you want to try something new and exciting this year, here’s why you should choose to go on a cruise holiday in 2022.

No more stress!

Cruises make for a great low-stress holiday. No need to plan lots of flights and transportation to airports and various accommodations, it is all in the same place. Once you’re on the ship you can relax anywhere you like, whether it is in your room or by the pool, a cruise is made to be relaxing from start to finish.

Cruises also mean you don’t need to plan a packed itinerary. Most cruises offer lots of activities and plan all the stops for you, so you don’t need to worry! You no longer have to limit yourself to just one location, as cruises are designed to give you a taste of lots of different places in one trip.

Planning a trip on a cruise also makes getting travel insurance much easier. Where you ordinarily would have had to purchase insurance for your flight, insurance for your trip as well as health insurance for each of the countries you visit, if you opt for a cruise you can take out a cruise insurance policy to cover your whole trip.

Cruise ship docked in Norway

Offer a huge range of activities

Although you are mostly confined to the ship while you are on a cruise, modern cruise ships are huge and offer a massive variety of restaurants, bars, and activities for customers to enjoy. There will always be something to do on a cruise ship, and you’ll not only never get bored but you’re likely to make friends through your time there. Talk to people you meet, make connections, and enjoy the various lounges, pools and games on offer across the ship together.

The variety of things on offer on a cruise ship means that you don’t need to plan every day in advance, you can instead wait to see what mood strikes you on a day-to-day basis. This also means that travelling in a group can be a lot easier, as individuals can take part in different activities at the same time.

Cruise ships often have an extensive range of food options, with everything ranging from classic breakfasts to 5-star restaurants, cruise ships can feature some really incredible food. If you’re looking for a place to try out something new while having the experience of a lifetime, look no further!

Cruises are unique

Cruises are an absolutely unique experience and one that everyone should try out at some point. The ability to do so many different things from the middle of the ocean is an experience like no other. It is a time to forget about the worries of real-life and take time out for every moment.

More people than ever are choosing to go on a cruise in 2022, and you should do the same. Step away from the outside world for a while and step into the immersive, vibrant atmosphere of a cruise ship. See incredible sights and try out luxury restaurants all from the comfort of the ship, and spend your days filled with fun activities and experiences like no other, all without the stress of planning!

Cruise ship docked

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