Monday 12 September 2022

The Titanic Artefact Museum in Orlando, Florida

On the last day of our recent holiday in Orlando we were looking for something to fill a couple of hours on our way to the airport for our evening flight. We chose the Titanic Artefact Museum which is located on International Drive, about a twenty minute drive from Orlando International Airport. Harry has long had a fascination with the Titanic, and when he was about five he made a brilliant Lego model which he used to play with. It's also a subject that really interests me, I remember watching documentaries from when the shipwreck was discovered and being fascinated by the blurry underwater images.

I'm really glad that we made this choice! We spent just over an hour at the museum, and I have to say that it was excellent. I was so impressed that I felt I had to share our visit here, as I really would recommend it to anyone that is in the area and has a passing interest in the Titanic.

At the beginning of our visit we were each given a different boarding pass for a real passenger, along with some history about them and their reasons for making the trip. Both Mia and I were rich ladies travelling in first class. In fact she was one of the richest passengers on the ship, travelling in a suite with a private promenade deck and two staff. Ram was a first class gentleman and Harry was a Swedish immigrant travelling in third class. We were told that at the end we would find out what had happened to our passengers, and that gave us lots to think about as we went around the museum. Mia sometimes struggles to maintain her interest, but it really engaged her when we found a map of the ship showing her private deck, and a reconstruction of a stateroom similar to the one that her passenger would have occupied.

Titanic Artefact Museum boarding passes on entry

The reconstructions throughout were in my opinion the best part of the museum. As well as the stateroom there was the famous grand staircase, one of the dining areas and part of the boiler room. Then my favourite part was the Promenade Deck. It was a short section of decking with mirrors at the side to make it appear longer, in an area of the museum with the air conditioning turned down low so that you could feel the chilly air. It was set at night, with clever projections of the sea on the floor on the other side of the rail. I've travelled on cruise ships at night and it felt so realistic and also spooky.

The museum story began with the history and building of the Titanic, then a large part of the museum focused on life on board and the amenities available to passengers, with an interesting look at the differences between the different classes. Then followed information about the sinking and the salvage. There are plenty of genuine artefacts scattered throughout, including a piece of the hull and a small piece of the ship that you can touch. There's even an actual iceberg!

In the memorial room we discovered what had happened to our passengers. The first class ladies had survived but the first class gentleman had not. Sadly, we weren't surprised to find out that Harry's steerage passenger had also perished. The lists of names were organised by their ticket class on the ship, and it was sobering to see how few of the third class passengers had actually survived.

Titanic Artefact Museum real iceberg

If you do decide to visit the Titanic Artefact Museum do remember to have a look online or in a voucher booklet for current discount coupons as we managed to save quite a bit on our entry.

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