Friday, 5 December 2014

Baker Ross and Christmas crafting 2014

A couple of months ago we had a lot of fun with some early Christmas crafting, thanks to a lovely bundle of Christmas crafty bits from Baker Ross. This week we've been lucky enough to receive another fantastic package of Christmas themed crafts, and the Christmas crafting has now started in earnest!

Baker Ross crafts for Christmas

With the 1st December rapidly approaching, we decided to start with the Personalised Stocking Advent Calendars (sorry, no longer available) which are fantastic value. There is quite a lot of colouring involved, so because it comes in two parts (a front piece and a back piece which has the pictures for inside the calendar) the children worked on one part each. Harry decided that they would make one for me as I don't have an Advent calendar this year (never mind that he drew the J backwards!). They spent a lot of time on this and were both really focussed in their colouring which was lovely to see.

Colour in yourself Advent calendar

They are really proud of the finished result and they should be, I think it's wonderful! We finished decorating it with some of these Festive Gem Self-Adhesive Strips (£2.99 for a pack of 36 strips) which were really easy for Harry to apply and help to bling it up a bit.

Baker Ross colour yourself Advent calendar

Another favourite craft was the Penguin Jewel Decoration Kits (sorry, no longer available). There are five sweet foam penguins in the pack, and they come with stick on accessories and decorations to make some hanging penguin decorations.

Baker Ross decorated penguins

We also received a set of Bauble Stained Glass Effect Decorations (£3.96 for 6). Having received similar packs in the past I've realised that although they look lovely when finished they are a bit fiddly for the children at the moment, so I've put them aside for next year when Harry will be able to have a better go at them. They are beautifully cut black bauble outlines, and you cut brightly coloured cellophane to size and glue across the back of the holes. These would be a nice group activity, and they'd look wonderful all displayed together in a window.

The 3D Holographic Vinyl (sorry, no longer available) is fun stuff. It's quite thin plastic, and it looks 3D with lots of tiny reflections, fascinating just to look at! We used it to make some window cards, I cut a Christmas tree for Harry and Mia designed her own shapes for me to cut out! Then we decorated them with some more of the self-adhesive gem strips.

Homemade Christmas cards

Finally we decorated some Wooden House Boxes (sorry, no longer available). These little boxes have a hinged lid and can be used to gift and store tiny objects like jewellery. To paint them, I trusted the children with some acrylic paint as I find that covers better. The hinged lid can be removed to make them easier to paint. We started with a base coat, and then came back to finish them off with some more decoration and glitter paint. Finally we stuck a glittery bow on the top.

Baker Ross decorated wooden house boxes

I received this bundle of craft materials as a Baker Ross blogger, prices correct at time of posting.

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