Saturday 18 February 2012

12 things

I was tagged to give 12 fun facts about myself, and then answer 12 further questions. So here are my answers!

12 fun facts about myself:

1) When I set the volume level on an electronic device, it must be set to an even number.
2) My hair needs a cut.
3) I'd rather walk for a mile than parallel park the car.
4) My mum cleans my kitchen more often than I do.
5) I like making lists.
6) I could easily live without a television but I'd struggle without a computer.
7) I don't iron.
8) I won't kill a spider but I'm happy for someone else (i.e. husband) to kill one for me.
9) I'm always early for things.
10) My thumb bends backwards so I can't do a 'thumbs up' properly.
11) I need glasses but I don't like to wear them around the house or for anything close up like reading or using the computer. As a result, when I do put them on I suddenly notice how dusty everything is...
12) I usually forget to wear my wedding ring.

My answers to the questions:

1) Do you like being tagged in memes? - Yes I do, it give me something to think about. I'm not very good about doing the tagging myself though. 
2) Ant or Dec? - Ant.
3) Winx Club is an abhorrence to post-feminist thought and should be banned from our TV screens. Discuss. - I have no idea what this is, I think my family must be the wrong demographic! 
4) What is the greatest TV theme tune in the history of TV? - Red Dwarf ("It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere...")
5) If you had to pimp your kids out for cash, would they be child models, a cute all-singing all-dancing supergroup, or up chimneys? - Child models, although not sure they've got the right temperament.They are probably small enough to go up chimneys.
6) Will there ever be a boy born that can swim faster than a shark? - Definitely something worth thinking about.
7) If you could only ever eat one chocolate bar for the rest of your life, which would it be? - Twix. A perfect combination of biscuit, caramel and chocolate.
8) What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? - The life and times of Peppa Pig.
9) Can you play a musical instrument? - Yes, I can coax a tune from the violin, the piano, the recorder and many children's toys
10) If you were a character in a novel, who would you be? - Hermione Granger.
11) Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who, who? - I have no idea but now have that song going round and round my head!
12) What is your favourite song? - Got to be something by Pulp, probably Common People.


  1. Brilliant! Thanks for doing them. I LOVE Red Dwarf, and don't iron, and my mother also cleans my kitchen, and a whole host of other stuff. I wouldn't worry about Winx Club, though 7 year old girls love it. It is crap. Not with you on Ant though, sorry. His forehead is way too big. :)

  2. I enjoyed taking part, thank you!


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