Monday 27 February 2012

Signs of spring

Having moved into a new house over the winter, it's very exciting to see where the bulbs planted by the previous owner are going to come up. This planter is by the front door, and in the last couple of days, some little daffodils have started to appear. They have also emerged underneath the front hedge and in some of the other pots in the back garden.

Daffodils in a pot

The weather has been so warm and sunny the last couple of days. We made a start in the back garden at the weekend, hubby mowed the lawn and I did some clearing and weeding. I've posted before that I'm not much of a gardener, but we are lucky enough to have a lovely garden and I'd really like to do something nice with it. I'll be putting Harry's sandpit out soon, as there is a nice area for it next to the summerhouse, and I'd really like to get hold of some colourful plants for all the pots that we seem to have collected. Any tips welcomed!

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  1. It really is lovely to see the bulbs come up, the garden looks so dull until then.


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