Friday 17 February 2012

On gardening

I am not a gardener. I would like to be, but I find it enough to keep up with what is inside the house, let alone what is outside. Luckily I have parents who are keen gardeners, and are very good about helping us out (I suspect that they can't sit still in our house knowing that the garden is in such a state). Since we moved we have a garden which is thankfully very low maintenance, but we have also moved to an area where people are very proud of their front gardens and so we need to be careful not to let the side down.

The weather is starting to get a little warmer, and as I knew that we would be inside for most of the day, this morning I got Harry out to help me in the front garden while Mia had her morning nap. There are a lot of dead leaves on the grass, and my gardener (Dad) has told me that they need to be cleared, so I got us a carrier bag each and set us to raking and collecting up the leaves. I also tidied up some of the rubbish that had got caught under the hedge, including bits of balloon from Harry's birthday (a month ago...whoops).

Child helping in the garden

Harry lost interest in the task at hand fairly quickly, but he did tolerate staying out there with me playing which was nice, as last year I wouldn't have managed anything. Even if all he did do was use his trucks to rearrange the gravel all over the front path, at least he got some fresh air.

Our previous garden was very overgrown, and gardening there seemed to consist of hacking things back before the house was engulfed by the over enthusiastic bushes and plants. We have a bit more of a blank slate now, so perhaps this is my opportunity to actually do some gardening for the enjoyment of it. I even have a (currently rather sparse) board on Pinterest for it!


  1. I bet when you start to plant a few things you will love it. I really get so much enjoyment from the garden and its great exercise.

  2. My garden is a complete state. Fortunately, Dad is bringing his gardening clothes this weekend :)

  3. Don't worry one day you will be doing our garden xx


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