Tuesday 7 February 2012

Looking after a child's hair

I've never been very good with hair. My hair has looked pretty much the same my whole life, just long and straight. I swim regularly and also I can't be bothered with a long hair routine every morning, so I just brush it and tie it back in a pony tail. It's never been good hair for styling, it's very thin, doesn't hold any kind of a curl and falls down if I try and pin it up in any way. I do like wearing it loose, but it grows so fast that it quickly looks messy. Also I have a bit of an issue with going to the hairdressers (i.e. I don't) so I have loads of split ends.

This does not mean that I haven't been desperate to start doing something with Mia's hair. Luckily she was born with a fair bit, so I haven't had to wait too long to begin. I bought her a selection of clips and ties for Christmas, but apart from a few half-hearted attempts with clips I've not been brave enough to try. But I spotted some very well groomed little girls at baby group last week and that inspired me to try a pony tail.

Toddler's first pony tail

It's not the best effort in the world, and was only achieved after a lot of wriggling, squirming and complaining, so I'm just hoping that it gets easier with practice!


  1. She looks so lovely and so grown up!

  2. I too have trouble getting my little girl to sit still so that I can do pretty things with her hair. The most I've managed was bunches and they only lasted about an hour. I've seen girls of the same age with plaits! There must be some kind of secret to this!

  3. I think you've done a great job with her hair... she looks very cute! All of my children were bald until well after 1 year old. Not much fun at all!!


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