Saturday 11 February 2012

Cardboard play biscuits for the toy kitchen

These cardboard play biscuits were part of a challenge for bloggers to re-create crafts that they had pinned on Pinterest. The original blog post that inspired me unfortunately no longer exists, but you can find a link to the pin below.

Making cardboard play biscuits for the toy kitchen

Making cardboard biscuits was a great activity for occupying Harry and I for a short while on a cold, winter afternoon. I love making play food, and Harry loves playing with it, and these cardboard play biscuits provided us with the perfect inspiration. It was not even just about the finished product, as we also pretended that we were making real biscuits as we went along, even putting them on baking trays into the 'oven' (airing cupboard) to dry.

Here is our effort, nice and sparkly and rather festive looking!

Cardboard play biscuits

It's a pretty self-explanatory craft, all you need to do is cut out circles from brown cardboard (or painted cardboard if you have a different colour) then cut out 'icing' from coloured paper, and decorate with beads, sequins and so on. They are a lot of fun to make and you can easily use bits and pieces from around the house. They are fairly sturdy when completed too and can be used for all sorts of imaginative play.

I've written about lots of other play food and you can find some links below:

Felt and salt dough pizza - takes a little longer to make but a lovely result
Realistic play food for the toy kitchen - laminate realistic pictures to add to saucepans and plates
Felt biscuits - felt party rings and cookies
Felt sandwich - everything that you need to make a felt sandwich


  1. They really look like real biscuits, how clever

  2. They look great! My children would love making those. Have to give them a try.

  3. Wow - they look real! love that you put them in the airing cupboard - too sweet :)

    Thanks so much for joining our challenge, see you next month - hosted by @melkshammum ! xx

  4. Love these, will definately give it a go with little 'un!


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