Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow day

Last night, I tucked Harry up in bed as the snow fell softly outside, and we promised him that today we would build a snowman. First thing this morning he came running in, and asked if we could go outside and play in the snow. Unfortunately we had to break the news to him that after the brief evening snowfall it had then gone on to rain for the rest of the night, and we had no snow. His poor, sad little face. So we called up my parents who live half an hour up the road, found that they had received a good amount of snow overnight, and invited ourselves up there for the morning. We were lucky that they had received just the right amount of snow to make it a safe journey up, yet enough snow for Harry to play in happily.

Snow day with children in the garden

He was desperate to bring along his digger and dumptruck and was absorbed with them for ages. The snow was light enough for him to shovel around and he was tipping it from one to the other.

Snow day with children in the garden

We brought Mia out briefly for a quick go on the sledge, Harry held on to her tightly as they were pulled around the garden!

Snow day with children in the garden

Harry admired his snowman, although Daddy and Grandad put in most of the effort!

We don't tend to get a lot of snow down here on the coast, so that's probably it for the year. I'm glad that Harry had the chance for a good play!


  1. I wish we'd had enough snow to play in! We had a tiny bit yesterday then, like you, we soon had rain that washed it all away. I'm hoping it'll happen soon - my little girl talks about snow all the time!

  2. They get so hyped up about snow don't they, and the reality, down here at least, is that we very rarely get enough to play in it properly! I hope that you get some this year!


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