Wednesday 14 October 2015

Review - Trolley Bags

Now that here in England we are being charged 5p for bags in the supermarket, have you been caught out yet? The first time I went shopping after the charge was introduced I left my bags in the car and had to abandon my trolley (this was before I'd paid) and run back to the car for my reusable bags, I don't intend ever paying for a carrier bag!

With excellent timing I was asked to review some Trolley Bags (affiliate link)- reusable shopping bags which fit inside your supermarket trolley. They are available in two different sizes for both large and shallow trolleys and they roll up neatly for storage. We've been trying out a set of the large bags.

Review - Trolley Bags reusable shopping bags

We usually carry out one large shop per week, and perhaps here I should confess that this job is normally left to my husband, and then I end up doing a small top up shop at some point during the week. So at the weekend I sent my husband off to our local supermarket with the bags to see how he got on.

While you are doing your shopping, the trolley bag roll fits neatly onto the hook at the front of the trolley. Of course if you are in a supermarket where you can scan and pack as you shop then you can start to pack directly into the bags straight away. 

Then when you have unloaded your shopping onto the conveyor belt, you can prepare your trolley by opening up the bags and easily sliding them out to fill up the trolley. There are four separate shopping bags, each held together with velcro on the handles. They range in size to match the shape of the trolley.

Review - Trolley Bags reusable shopping bags

Now you can load in your shopping! Having the four separate compartments is really useful as you can sort out your items to give you a head start when it comes to putting it away at home. The largest bag is really good for bulky items as it has a huge capacity (there are two big multi packs of toilet rolls stacked in there). If you aren't buying a full trolley worth of food you could always just use a couple of the smaller bags, although only the largest bag has the strap to roll all the bags up with.

Review - Trolley Bags reusable shopping bags

Then when you get the trolley to the car, you can easily separate the bags and load them into the boot. They are quite large when filled with purchases as they have a netted section at the bottom which makes them very deep, so you do need to careful not to overload them, especially the largest ones, as they can then be a little awkward to lift up high enough to get them out the trolley.

Review - Trolley Bags reusable shopping bags

When you've put all the shopping away it's easy to fold and roll the bags back up ready to store in the car for your next trip. We've been really impressed with the Trolley Bags and would definitely recommend them.

Trolley bags are also available in an Express size to fit smaller trolleys, great for when you are just doing a quick top up shop. You can read my review here - Express Trolley Bags.

We received a set of trolley bags in exchange for this review.


  1. I've been looking at these as they would be perfect for Scan & Go, which I've been doing recently as it's so fast!


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