Sunday 18 October 2015

Review - Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack

Recently we were sent the Hot Wheels Nitro Bot Attack Track Set from Hot Wheels to review. Harry is a huge fan of Hot Wheels, and he's lucky enough to own several sets. The Hot Wheels toys are also great for both children to play with together. Harry enjoys the actual moving of the cars around the tracks and Mia likes building Hot Wheels cities, accessorising the layouts with little buildings and gardens that she's made with Duplo. They can spend ages constructing Hot Wheels City in the living room, and Harry also enjoys watching the Team Hotwheels film which features the Nitrobot robot.

Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack track set review

The Nitrobot is a giant robot made out of cars. He's attacking the city, capturing cars and ripping up the road. The only way to stop him is to launch a car directly at him and cause his head to fly off. There are three slots at the base of the set where you can attach a launcher (one is included in the set) and firing out a car causes a variety of different things to happen.

Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack track set review

One launch point will send the car flying around the bend, and you can adjust the track to make it avoid the robot. The middle launch point will drop the ramp, and if it's already down it will hit the robot in his chest. The final launch point will send the car around the other way.

Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack track set review

If you fire the car up the ramp so that it hits the purple button on the robot's chest, the head of the robot will fly off and any cars which he is holding in his hand will be released. If you send the car underneath his hand then the robot will tear up the road. As well as the launch point you can also attach spare track that you might have from other sets at the base to extend the layout.

The set only comes with one car, although most other cars of that size are compatible with it. A big plus for this set is that it doesn't need any batteries. It's also fairly compact (although once built you can't take it apart again), and compared to some of the other Hot Wheels sets that I've put together I found it easy and straightforward to assemble.

Like many other Hot Wheels sets, this one is a lot more fun if you have other track and accessories that you can combine with it, but it does also work well as a standalone toy. If you do have other launchers you can connect them at the front so you don't need to keep moving the one that is included about, and you can easily extend the track from all three launch points so that Nitrobot can become part of wider Hot Wheels play.

Hot Wheels Nitrobot Attack track set review

We received this Hot Wheels set in exchange for a review.

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