Thursday 1 October 2015

Halloween Ice Block Excavation activity

If you are looking for some spooky sensory play ideas for children, this Halloween ice block excavation activity is really fun. It just takes a bit of easy set up in advance, and will keep small children occupied for ages as they try to release all the Halloween bits and pieces!

Halloween frozen ice block activity

You need:

For the ice block

A plastic container (I used an old ice cream tub) and freezer space
Water, food colouring (I used gel food colouring for a stronger colour)
A collection of little Halloween themed toys and decorations
Glitter and sequins

Selection of Halloween small toys

For the excavation

Tools (we used tools from the dinosaur excavation kit, you could also use plastic and metal cutlery, and plastic droppers and syringes if you have them)
Things that the children suggest might melt the ice - I gave them a bowl of salt and a bowl of hot water.

The ice block needs to be prepared a day or so in advance, and I made it over the course of a day. First I put a couple of centimetres of water into the bottom of the tub and let it freeze, then I added a further three layers, each filled with a handful of different items. I also added in food colouring and plenty of glitter, and I let each layer freeze before adding the next one. This way everything doesn't sink to the bottom of the ice block while it freezes.

Frozen ice block activity

Then I put it out for them to have a go at. First we used a large tray underneath, but as they added more and more hot water it was getting messier, so we ended up with it in a washing up bowl. Note to self - do this again in the summer when it can all be done outside!

I also gave each child a bowl where they could collect the things that they had excavated, fortunately they worked really well together and didn't argue over what they wanted to reach. The hot water proved to be the most effective way of getting through the ice, and when they started to get a bit frustrated I simply boiled the kettle and poured it over the block for them to make it easier.

Child playing with ice

We had a lot of fun with this, definitely something we'll be doing again. In fact it made a good threat - if you don't tidy up your toys I'll freeze them and you'll have to dig them out! I'd also like to extend the activity to make it a bit more scientific - perhaps with a wider range of materials that might melt the ice for them to experiment with that we could discuss beforehand.

Many of the little Halloween bits and pieces were recycled from our Halloween sensory tub, another great Halloween activity for little ones. Some other toddler friendly Halloween crafts that we have enjoyed were our super simple Halloween window decorations and our make a monster busy bag kit. Finally if you are hosting a Halloween party for young children you might like some of the ideas in my post about Halloween party ideas for small children.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I will have to tell my sister about this one - I think my niece would love it, especially if her big cousins help her out!


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