Monday 12 October 2015

The Patons Crochet Along 2015 #patonscrochetalong

As I mentioned in my previous post about learning to crochet, for the next six weeks I am going to be taking part in the first ever Patons Crochet Along. I'm really excited to be joining in and creating a beautiful Afghan by the end of November.

The crochet along started on the 9th October 2015, and different pattern elements will be released each week on social media and the Make it Coats website. The complete pattern will appear on Make it Coats on the 20th November 2015, so there is plenty of time to get it finished by Christmas! The pattern is suitable for both beginners and more advanced crocheters, and each week there will be a tutorial video for that section of the afghan.

I must admit to feeling a little daunted when the box turned up filled with yarn, but I am so determined to really get the hang of crochet this time, and doing the project as part of a crochet along is the perfect motivation that I need - I'm very good at working to a deadline and there will be no excuses not to get on with it!

Patons crochet along 2015 - DK Afghan crochet blanket

The yarn used for the afghan is Patons Wool DK in five gorgeous colours - Plum, Pink, Natural, Mint Ice Cream and Merlot.

Patons crochet along 2015 - DK Afghan crochet blanket

Having never followed a crochet pattern before I knew that I'd need help and so I turned to my Mum. She was able to help me visualise how the pattern description related to the finished triangle and she'd soon shown me how to get started.

Patons crochet along 2015 - DK Afghan crochet blanket

We worked on this part of the pattern together while I'm still learning, and so there is a fair bit of her work in these triangles. But I've really noticed how much I've improved with the work that I've done on them, so I'm hoping that the finished afghan will be mainly my own work! I'm really pleased with the triangles that we've made so far, and the colour combination is lovely.

Patons crochet along 2015 - DK Afghan crochet blanket

Patons crochet along 2015 - DK Afghan crochet blanket

I have been sent the yarn needed to complete the project in exchange for sharing my progress with the Afghan across social media.


  1. Love the colours - especially the mint

    1. They really are lovely, such wonderful contrast between the colours.


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