Friday 23 October 2015

My own Pinterest wins

I few weeks back I published a post about Pinterest Wins, where I shared some amazing things that people had made or done, all inspired by Pinterest, that turned out brilliantly. I had so many to share that there was no space to share any of my own Pinterest wins! So here are some of the things that I've made thanks to Pinterest, and that I was really proud of.

My own Pinterest inspired successful craft projects

One of the very first new ideas that I encountered when I first started browsing around Pinterest was the classic Kit Kat and Smarties cake and it was one of the first things that I pinned. I attempted my own version almost immediately for a birthday cake, and I was so pleased with it! You can read more about it here - Pinterest cake - the one with Kit Kats and Smarties.

Smarties and Kit Kat cake

Fuelled by my success, I went on to attempt another Pinterest classic - the Rainbow cake. It was a great success, and introduced me to gel food colourings which have produced an array of brightly coloured birthday cakes ever since! I must get around to making another one. You can read how I made it here - My Rainbow Cake.

My first rainbow cake

Finally, another cake that I'd seen everywhere was the piƱata cake. My version was very well received, and I've made several more since. It's really easy to do! Here's how I made mine - How to make a simple Pinata Cake.

How to make a simple pinata cake

Pinterest is packed full of ideas for things to make for the children. I loved the idea of making my own I Spy JarIt was so easy to put together and the children still enjoy playing with it years later, they love it. You can read about how I made it here - I Spy Jar.

I Spy jar for children

Pinterest has also inspired me to take up crafts again that I enjoyed in the past. I liked crafting with Fimo when I was little but I didn't really know where to start when I bought some recently, so I turned to Pinterest and saw a sweet Fimo owl. I found it easy to make my own version, which made a lovely magnet. You can read more about it here - Fimo Owl.

A fimo or polymer clay owl

Pinterest has also been full of inspiration when it comes to sewing projects, something that I've taken up again recently. I was really pleased with how easy I found it to follow the simple pattern, and the little dress fitted our doll perfectly! You can read how I made it and find a link to the pattern here - Sewing a simple doll's dress.

Sewing a simple doll's dress

These are just my favourite Pinterest inspired wins, there have been many more and hopefully I'll continue to make more Pinterest inspired creations!

What are your Pinterest wins?

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  1. I have made all those cakes too! I used Cadburys fingers instead of Kit Kats as they were on offer so that works well. Also did a Bunny Butt cake that I am quite proud of. Anything with Oreos is hard - especially if they are on a stick! You have to do it so they are eaten that day as well. x


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