Friday 16 October 2015

Autumn and Halloween wreaths

I very much look forward to our monthly Bostik Bloggers themed crafting box, it always contains some gorgeous bits and pieces which inspire me to come up with lots of crafts for us to do together!

This month we started with an Autumn craft - an Autumn themed wreath decoration. I had a vague idea of how the finished craft would look, and I sat down with Harry to start him off. Unfortunately Mia then decided to throw a massive tantrum and so I was occupied with her. Fortunately Harry was happy to get on with his crafting and came up with his own interpretation on the wreath using a fair bit of sellotape, and I think he did an awesome job!

To make an Autumn wreath you need:

A paper plate (we used an orange one, or you could paint a white one to an Autumnal colour)
Fake leaves (or you could use real ones!)
Pipecleaner (for hanging)
Adhesive (we used Bostik Glu Dots and sellotape)


Cut out the centre from the paper plate to make your base wreath. Glue the fake leaves around the wreath. We used Bostik Glu Dots which we've found to stick all sorts of things really well. Then add further decorations, we used buttons. I'd intended for the buttons to also go around the edges of the wreath, but Harry decided to use sellotape across the centre to display them! Attach a pipecleaner loop firmly to the back of the paper plate using tape.

Autumn wreath decoration

The theme of this month's box was really Halloween, so next we made some paper plate Halloween decorations. These decorations have tracing paper in the middle so you can hang them up in the window for daylight to shine through or indoor lights to shine out

Paper plate Halloween frames

To make paper plate Halloween window decorations you need:

Black paper plates (or you could paint white ones)
Tracing or tissue paper
Seasonally coloured felt tip pens
Decorations - we used pumpkin ribbon, feathers, pom poms and pipecleaners
Ric rac or ribbon for hanging
Adhesive (we used Bostik Glu Dots and sellotape)


Cut out the centres from the paper plates and use the ring as a template for a Halloween or spooky themed drawing on the tracing paper using felt tip pens. Cut out your picture and secure it to the back of the paper plate circle using tape.

Use Bostik Glu Dots to stick the other decorations around the frame. Once again, the Glu Dots worked brilliantly for adhering all different types of materials, I'm particularly impressed with how well they stick down pom poms which I've always found difficult to craft with.

Create a hanging loop using ric rac or sellotape and tape it firmly to the back of the decoration. Hang in a window and enjoy!

Paper plate Halloween decoration

The box of craft materials was provided to me free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.


  1. Love the fab makes. Those fake leaves are ace

    1. Thank you! They are really lovely leaves, such nice colours and really versatile for crafting with.

  2. I made a wreath with my leaves too - great minds x


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