Saturday 3 October 2015

Book review - Two lovely new kids travel books from Lonely Planet

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that as a family we love to travel, and my children are lucky enough to have visited some amazing countries and seen some wonderful sights. I'm very keen to develop an interest in seeing the world with the children, and while we can't be away on holiday all the time, it's great fun to spend time looking through travel books, remembering past adventures and planning new ones.

I was recently sent these two wonderful new books from Lonely Planet Kids to review.

Travel books for children from Lonely Planet

The first, Adventures Around the Globe (affiliate link), is aimed at children aged 3+ and is perfect for Mia. The book introduces each continent in turn with a beautifully illustrated map, then takes a closer look at some of the most iconic sights to be found there, the animals that live there, festivals that are celebrated and so on. Each continent has a lovely big double spread page which can be decorated with some of over 250 re-positionable stickers.

Travel books for children from Lonely Planet

Part of the back cover can be popped out to make a 3D globe, a great way to help children understand how the continents fit together. There are also plenty of colouring pages and some simple puzzles like matching activities and spot the difference, as well as pages filled with fun and interesting facts.

Travel books for children from Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet Kids Travel Book (affiliate link) is aimed at children aged 8+, and will be a fantastic addition to Harry's bookshelf. This large format, hardback book takes the child on a fantastic journey around the world, with a page for each country, arranged by continent. Each page is packed with photographs, sketches and key facts, as well as information about the history and culture of the country and much more.

Travel books for children from Lonely Planet

It's easy to find each the page for country from the contents page at the front, and a detailed world map at the back makes it easy to find its location. It's a lovely book for browsing through. Harry loves going through to find places that we've already visited, and hunting for pictures and information about the things that we've seen. It's also a great book to prepare children for a trip to a new destination, or to learn more about a country that they are studying or interested in. It's a brilliant new reference book for his collection.

I received these two books to review, Amazon links are affiliate.

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