Monday 16 September 2019

Hama bead projects that children can gift to their friends

Hama bead projects to gift to friends

My children and I love crafting with Hama beads. Over the years I've shared many different Hama bead projects that we've come up with, and I thought I'd round up a few of my favourite ideas that make great gifts for children to give to their friends. They can be used in party bags, like we did with our Minecraft themed keyrings, or they might be popular sellers at a summer fair or garage sale, like our Hama bead Emoji magnets. They also make great little Christmas or end of term presents.

Have fun Hama bead crafting!

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Hama bead covered pen holders

I love these cheerful pen holders, and they are really easy to make. You could choose colours that the recipient likes, or experiment with different designs to reflect their interest. For example you could incorporate some Minecraft characters or Emoji designs.

Hama bead pen pots tutorial

* Hama bead summer frames

I love making Hama bead frames because I think that it's a really fun way to display a photo or postcard. These frames are simple and made using bright colours that match the picture behind.

Hama bead bright coloured picture frames

* Hama bead emoji magnets

These Emoji magnets have been very popular with my children's friends. They are really simple to make, and there are lots of different emojis that you can base your magnets on so you can make a different one for everyone.

Hama bead emoji designs

* Melted Hama bead bracelets

Melting the Hama beads is a fun way to make something a bit different using the beads. This one does require a bit of adult help as you need to use the oven, but the finished beads are really unique and fun to wear.

Melted Hama bead bracelet

* Minecraft themed Hama bead keyrings

We used these as party bag fillers and they were very popular. Minecraft lends itself really well to Hama beads and other pixel art, and there are so many different characters that you can choose from.

Hama bead Minecraft keyring designs

* Hama bead frames with different themes

Like the frames above, these Hama bead frames would be a fun way to gift a photo of a child and their friend, or a postcard of a place that they've enjoyed visiting together.

Hama bead themed photo frames

* Hama bead Tetris inspired magnets

These Tetris style magnets are really fun to play with and make a lovely gift all packaged up together.

Hama bead Tetris magnet designs

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If you are looking for more Hama bead project ideas you can find many more on my Hama beads page!

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