Monday, 26 October 2015

Sew some really simple felt sleeping bags for Sylvanian Families

I recently wrote about how we had been selected as Friends of Sylvanian Families, and had been sent the gorgeous little Chocolate Rabbit Family. Mia really loves them and has taken to carrying them about with her (even secretly popping them into her book bag to take to school, although fortunately they returned home safely!)

Sleeping bags for Sylvanian Families

Knowing how much she loves putting her dolls and teddies to bed, I sewed up some really simple felt sleeping bags for her rabbit family. I love crafting with felt because you don't need to worry about hems, and because it is stretchy it fits snugly around the bumpy figures.

Felt sleeping bags for Sylvanian families

These sleeping bags are really simple to make, and even though I made them with a sewing machine it wouldn't take long at all to sew them up by hand. I made two adult sleeping bags and a double one for the children bunnies.

You need:

A piece of felt - for a single bag 11cm x 25cm and for a double bag 14cm x 25cm
Scrap of coordinating ribbon (or you could use lace or ric rac)


How to make a Sylvanian Families felt sleeping bag

1 - Sew a piece of ribbon about 1.5cm from one of the shorter sides

2 - Turn the piece of felt over. On the side with the ribbon fold up about 8cm (the height of the figure up to the neck). On the other side fold over the top of the felt to form the first part of the pillow.

3 - Fold it over once more so that it is three pieces of felt thick.

4 - Sew down the sides.

5 - Trim the edges so that they are neat then fold it out the right way. Trim around the sides of the pillow so that it doesn't stick out too much.

Of course you'll need to make a sleeping bag for each member of the family!

Sylvanian Family in felt sleeping bags

We received the Chocolate Rabbit Family as Friends of Sylvanian Families.


  1. Oh, that is so cute!! A loves Sylvanian Families too and I am fairly certain that they are going to feature this Christmas. I will have a go at this with her as she is trying to learn how to sew and she could manage this.

  2. These look so cute! My niece loves Sylvanians, so I will show this to my sister (or probably my mum, who has more time on her hands!).

  3. Aww I love this idea, we have the campervan and these would be a great addition

  4. my word I missed the Sylvanians news, well done! We are huge fans here and those sleeping bags are so cute.

  5. Aaaw how sweet! My daughter used to love Sylvanian Families x

  6. You are so creative, one of my girls loves Sylvanian famlies, I really should do something like tis for her. A cute little stocking filler. Mich x

  7. What a lovely idea - especially now the weather is getting colder. I am sure these could be used for so many toys.

  8. Awww, Jennifer, they are just adorable!!


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