Wednesday 11 January 2012

Adventures with playdough

I’m a bit OCD when it comes to play dough. I like to keep all the colours separate, and one colour has to be put away before another comes out. Our extruder is brilliant, but I do obsess over making sure that every last piece of play dough is removed before we put it away. Play dough doesn’t last forever though, and Harry’s original play dough is starting to get a bit grotty and hard. So I decided it was time to chuck it out and replace it with some new stuff, and before I did that we had one last play with it.

I took a tray and built a road outline with the play dough. Then I filled in the gaps around the edge and in the middle (mixing the colours! The horror!). There wasn’t enough to cover the tray so I filled in the gaps with some pudding rice that I found during the move that was out of date (you could use anything small, like rice or lentils). We had a big lake in the middle, and fields around the edges.

We decorated it with the bits of pasta and buttons that we use in the play dough anyway, and a few small animals and trees from the farm set. I even made some very simple boats from cardboard. It doesn’t quite compete with the play dough playscapes that I used as inspiration but we had just as much fun making it as we did playing with it.

Mixing up different colours of play dough

It might even keep for a few days before we throw it out!


  1. That is such a good idea! I'd never thought of doing something like that. Laura got a playdough pizzeria set for Christmas and it came with white, green, red and beige dough. Now it just has brown. Not sure why they bother putting different colours in. I'd like to try and keep the colours seperate but I force myself not to interfere!

  2. I have SUCH an OCD about mixing the colours up! Looks like great fun. :)

  3. Anna - It's a shame, the sets like the pizza one can only be played with once properly before the colours get mixed up. That's why I've avoided them, I just wouldn't be able to sit back and watch it all get messed up!

    Handmade Mum - I'm glad that I'm not the only one that can't bear to mix up the colours!

    This is really an activity only to do with playdough that you don't want any more as you can't use it again afterwards, you need quite a lot of it too.


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