Tuesday 3 January 2012

Goodbye house

So tomorrow is moving day and today was packing day. Most of our things are now in boxes (and a lot more boxes that I expected...I can't believe that we have so much stuff). We are really excited about moving to the new house, it's in a nicer area and we will have a lot more space. But we have been very happy here and it will be sad to leave. I have lots of special memories from this house.

  • We moved here from a little two bedroom flat, before children, where we had the television, sofa and computer all in one room. When we moved into the house it felt so big, and it was really hard to adjust to being on separate floors. It felt really lonely!
  • My favourite room is Harry's room. We decorated it in a farmyard theme, with green hills, blue sky with clouds and a sun in the corner. It had glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and farmyard animal stickers on the walls. We only recently decorated Mia's room. It was pale pink with a butterfly light, butterfly border and bright pink curtains.
  • Whenever I look at the bath I remember lying there while pregnant with Harry listening to classical music (didn't happen so often second pregnancy) and being in it while in labour with Mia!
  • We have a huge under the stairs cupboard which is the same size as a small room. It's great for throwing in toys at the end of the day, and Harry loves shutting himself in there with a torch.
  • Every inch of the upstairs landing is very familiar to me from long evenings spent walking up and down trying to get babies to sleep, or wandering up and down throughout the night attending to the frequent and demanding needs of said babies.

This house has seen us grow from carefree couple to a little family. I hope that the new owners will be as happy here as we have been.

Boxes packed up for moving house


  1. Best of luck tomorrow Jen, hope it all goes smoothly! And just think of all the lovely memories you'll make at the new house.


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