Friday 13 January 2012

Our new summerhouse

Along with our new house, I was very excited to inherit a summerhouse in the garden. Our seller also (with our permission!) left behind some old toys – play food, a tea set, toy saucepans and utensils. She had a daughter, and there was a huge selection of Polly Pocket dolls, clothes and accessories. There are even a couple of small pieces of furniture in there.

Old summerhouse in the garden

I have big plans for this summerhouse. My Dad has already kindly fixed the roof, but otherwise it seems in good condition - it is even carpeted. It is a good size and has a little porch at the front. I need to give it a good clean inside and out, evict the spiders and clean the furniture. Then I might paint it, and I want to make some little curtains and put some pictures up on the walls. On the porch I want to put out some pots with flowers in, perhaps ones that Harry has helped me to plant.

Child washing toys in a bowl

It’s a job to wait until the warmer weather really (or at least until we’ve got the main house sorted out!) but we did make a start today. I brought in all the old toys and sorted through them, and then Harry helped me to give them all a good wash. I mended a broken drawer, so now we have plenty of storage space. All Harry’s garden toys can live out there too, and his sandpit toys before we put out his sandpit. I think it will be a lovely place for him to play in.

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