Monday 9 January 2012

Village Life – exploring Angmering

Today was my first opportunity to get out with Mia in the pushchair and begin to explore the village of Angmering where we now live. We have been so busy in the house that it was my first opportunity to see what is on our doorstep. And I was delighted to discover that the village really is on our doorstep! Within a few minutes walk I found a newsagent, hairdresser, small supermarket, Post Office, Medical Centre, Village Hall, library and Children and Family Centre as well as a few other small shops. Maybe I am easily pleased, but that is most of my needs met. 

We now live on a new estate which joins onto the ‘old’ village. This estate was build about ten years ago and it is a huge development. I can’t imagine what the residents of the ‘old’ village must have thought when it was built. The estate has a Community Centre in the middle, playgrounds and a large green area in the middle, but most of the facilities are found in the village itself.  

There seems to be a real sense of community and everyone is very friendly. I had a long chat with the lady in the Children and Family Centre, she gave me a tour and told me about some of the many activities and groups that there are for families. I also love living so close to the library. I will miss living down a footpath from a massive supermarket, but I think that all these other things within walking distance more than make up for that.  

Walking around the village itself is not particularly toddler friendly, with some narrow footpaths and a lack of pavements. But I’m looking forward to getting out with the little ones and joining in!


  1. We didn't find the library so that could be a focus for next time

  2. Mum, I'll point you in the direction of the library next time you're here! And Actually Mummy I'm glad that you like the blog, I'd love to be featured if you find a suitable post!


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