Tuesday 10 January 2012

Angmering Library and Children and Family Centre

It was always going to be high on my priority list to find the local library. I used to take Harry to the nearest one to our old house a lot when he was a baby, but it was still a half hour walk with the pushchair and as he got bigger he became more impatient on the journey. Then when Mia came along it was too far for him to walk, as we don’t have a double buggy.  

So I was thrilled to discover that Angmering Library is just a few minutes walk from our house. It is not the biggest of libraries, but the children’s section has plenty of books, and to Harry’s absolute delight a wooden ‘book train’. It even had a computer with simple games for children to play, although to be honest it completely stumped me, I couldn’t get it to do anything that I wanted it to. 

In the same building is the Children and Family Centre. Again, it’s not the biggest, but it has a lovely garden out the back and the ladies there were very friendly and welcoming. Twice a week they run a toy library, so we came home today with a toy dump truck and a Gruffalo Story Sack, with stuffed creatures to act out the story and some extra themed books and games. They also run lots of other activities, so there is plenty there to keep us busy. 

These are my first steps towards getting to know some other parents with small children. It’s always good to get out of the house into a different environment, and hopefully I’ll start to see the same faces out and about.

Child playing on toy train in the local library


  1. Children's Centres are great. Emily and I went to ours today (it's next to Laura's pre-school, and their Tuesday morning Come & Play session fits in nicely time-wise) and had a great time.

  2. They are great aren't they, I like the fact that you can just drop in and there is always someone there to chat to and toys to play with. I am having trouble finding activities that I can take both little ones along to at the same time though.


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