Wednesday 25 January 2012

Those long winter afternoons

When you're at home with young children, I think that mid-afternoon has to be the worst part of the day. There comes a point when lunch is long finished, everyone is suffering from the afternoon slump, it's too late in the day for a nap and yet there's a long long way to go until bedtime. It's worse in winter, when outside it's cold, dark, wet and unappealing. This is a fairly common sight in our household:

Two cross children at lunch time

Today, the only thing to do was to get out with the scooter and the pushchair. It was a bit of a mission to get everyone fed, changed, to the toilet and dressed up warmly, but it was so worth it.

Children on the way to the playground

It was a bit drizzly, so we didn't stay out too long, but it was long enough to blow away some of the cobwebs, and we were all much more chilled out when we got home.

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