Sunday 14 September 2014

Crafting with Sugru - a round up of ideas

A round up of different crafts using Sugru

A few months back I was sent some Sugru to review- a fantastic substance that that can be moulded by hand, bonds to almost anything, and sets overnight to form a flexible, silicone rubber. As well as using Sugru for a multitude of fixes around the house, I also came up with some crafty ideas which I have rounded up in this post.

My first Sugru crafting project was a Sugru beaded holder for my washi tapes. I knew what I wanted to make, but I was finding it difficult to keep the pencil upright, and held firmly in position. A blob of Sugru holds the pencil to the base lid perfectly, and then I used another strip around the base of the lid as a decorative feature, with some pretty beads pressed in to it.

Sugru beaded washi tape holder

Sugru comes in a range of bright cheerful colours, and you can also mix the colours to make different shades - you can find a Sugru mixing colour chart on their website. I love the original colours, and I used the bright blue for this Sugru beaded keyring upcycle. I took an old keyring and used Sugru to cover the original design, then decorated it with coloured wooden beads.

Using Sugru to upcycle a keyring craft

I made this funky Sugru coaster using some of the new festive Sugru colours.

Sugru coaster craft

Sugru is also great if you want to glue things together that are tricky to stick with other types of adhesive. These salt dough fairy wands are very top heavy, and it would have been difficult to stick the star onto the stick using glue. A little ball of Sugru has kept them firmly in place and able to stand up to being waved around while spells are cast.

Using Sugru to make fairy wands

Leyla from This day I love...has made a fab tutorial video showing how to make an iPad case using Sugru and an old book. You can also see written instructions here.

Leyla also used Sugru to make a snowman to go inside a Frozen snow globe.

You can also find loads more Sugru craft ideas on the Sugru website.

I'll be updating this post with any future Sugru projects that I come up with. If you've made something crafty with Sugru then please do feel free to leave a link in the comments below to make this a helpful resource for other crafters!


  1. Oh wow that is so cool!
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  2. Thanks for adding my ideas. I love the fairy wands, may have to give them ago


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