Friday 12 September 2014

Crafting for Christmas 2014 with Baker Ross

I'm a part of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network, and from time to time I'm lucky enough to receive a big box of craft supplies to enjoy with the children. The latest box we received was filled with things to get us crafting for Christmas. It may still seem early, but as we are going away before Christmas this year I very much enjoyed the opportunity to make a head start on some of our Christmas cards and gifts!

We started by making some Christmas cards. We used a pack of six Hanging Stocking Card Blanks. The pack comes with envelopes and silver cord which you thread through the top of the cards so that they can also be used as ornaments. We decorated them with Glitter Bow Stickers and Self-Adhesive Pom Poms. I'm not usually very keen on crafting with pom poms, as I find them difficult to keep stuck in place with glue. This pack comes with a small double-sided sticker for each pom pom, which was great for keeping them stuck firmly in place.

Both children loved doing this, Harry used the pom poms to make Christmas designs on the stocking and Mia loved using the bits and pieces to decorate, trying to copy Harry by placing the pom poms neatly in lines. We finished them off with some glitter glue.

Then the children decorated some Ceramic House Tealight Holders using some Glitter Porcelain and Glass Paint Pens. The paint pens are brilliant, they produce a really bright, vibrant colour and it's easy to control how the paint is applied. I kept them away from Mia as I was worried about them staining the table, but they washed off fine. The house tealight holders are really sweet and they both had a lot of fun decorating them (Mia just used felt tip pens and they also worked well). You can use a normal tealight inside, or we received some LED Tealights which are great for little ones, they even flicker realistically and the children loved them. The tealight holders will make a lovely gift.

Christmas crafts with Baker Ross

Finally we made some little Christmas gift boxes using a Christmas Gift Box Kit. Each box kit is individually packaged and contains a sturdy cardboard box and decorations. The set contains everything that you need to make a Father Christmas, a reindeer and a snowman gift box. The boxes are a nice size for sweets or you could fill with shredded paper for a smaller gift like jewellery. We had a lot of fun making these, and I love how the children have gave them such expressive little faces!

Christmas craft kits like these are great to have around the house in the run up to Christmas if you need a seasonal activity to keep the children occupied, with a satisfying finished product.

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.

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