Saturday 6 September 2014

Harry moves into Year One

In the blink of an eye, Harry's reception year was over, and this year he started in Year One.

Child starting in Year One

It's a bit of a change for Harry because the classes have all been mixed up. His school goes from three Reception classes to two Year One classes, with one mixed class taking the oldest children in the year. He only has six or seven children from his old class in the new class, and we had no input, it was all decided by the school. Luckily he will be with some of his good friends, and they will still be mixing at play times. The change doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.

Like all little ones at school he is now entitled to a free school lunch, and even though he is a pretty fussy eater we are going to give it a go. It's the only thing that he seemed to be worried about so I've tried not to make a big thing of it - if the worst comes to the worst he won't eat it and I'll make him a snack when he gets home. He'll still get a cooked dinner in the evening with the family. I'm hoping that it might encourage him to try a few different things.

He also returns to school as a glasses wearer - over the summer I took him for an eye test and he is ever so slightly short-sighted. I've sent him in with his new Lego glasses (NHS glasses have really come on since I was little!) and instructions to wear them when using the white board.

Harry was definitely ready to go back to school and I'll be glad to have the routine back. I thought it would be nice for him to start contributing to the blog a little bit, so I asked him to tell me how he felt about going into Year One.

This is what he said:

"(There will be...) less play time and more learning time. I am excited about starting Year One because I like learning and I want to be a scientist when I grow up. I'm a bit nervous of having a new teacher. I'm going to make some new friends."

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  1. B made a similar comment at the end of her first day in year one "there is less play and more work so I'm going to learn lots". We are in a small school so there is no changing of classes, but we have a few new additions.


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