Wednesday 7 December 2011

Christmas Memories - Christmas build up in Australia

I mentioned before that we were lucky enough one year to spend the build up to Christmas on a trip around the world, and we happened to be in Sydney for the occasion of the turning on of the Christmas lights. It was fascinating to experience the sights and sounds of Christmas in the bright, warm sunshine. There was a huge gathering to watch the lights being turned on, and it was full of families, everyone was so friendly. We spotted lots of people with big red shopping bags and found out that they were available for a small donation to charity. We bought one to share, and then quickly went back for another once we discovered some great things inside - including a Happy Christmas sun hat! I even met Father Christmas!

Experiencing the build up to Christmas in Australia

There were the usual trees and lights, but I did particularly like the Christmas lamp post decorations, which were festooned with cockatoos rather than snowflakes.

Experiencing the build up to Christmas in Australia

I love how Christmas can evoke so many memories!

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