Thursday 8 December 2011

Pre-Christmas break at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest

We're currently coming to the end of a short break at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest. We like it here very much, and this will be the third year running that we've visited just before Christmas. It's a great time of year to visit with pre-schoolers, because being term time it means that the prices are very reasonable, and they really do go to a lot of effort for Christmas. We're always reluctant to spend any more money than necessary, and Center Parcs is not known for cheap activities.

Play area at Center Parcs, Elveden Forest

Harry has had a great time, he has especially enjoyed the swimming pool this year (sorry...Subtropical Swimming Paradise). Mia has enjoyed a brief swim, and many walks through the forest. We have upgraded our accommodation choice to give us a bit more space, and the weather has not been too bad.

Christmas is a great time to visit Center Parcs because there are lots of extra activities and entertainment included in the price of your holiday. I've written in more detail about Elveden Forest at Christmas time here.

I've also written about some of the things that you can do for free at Center Parcs if you have discovered like us that the activities can be quite pricy. I hope that you find some useful tips!

Finally, since writing this post a few years ago, we have discovered that a great deal of money can be saved by visiting the Center Parc locations on the continent. You can find my posts about our trip to Erperheide in Belgium here:

Center Parcs, Erperheide in Belgium
Our second visit to Center Parcs, Erperheide

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  1. Getting out with the family just before the Christmas rush is great, join i all the festivities and still be home for your own


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