Saturday 10 December 2011

Nursery Christmas Fair and Father Christmas #1

Today was the nursery Christmas Fair. They always put on a good show and it's also a good opportunity to take a look in Harry's "Record of Success" (key observations this month - Harry is a picky eater and enjoys playing with his train set. At least he behaves the same there as at home). We won a couple of prizes in the tombola, Harry ate half a mini yule log and he won some sweets throwing mince pies into (cardboard) Santa's mouth.

The highlight of the morning was the visit to Father Christmas. Unfortunately, for the second year running, the money which I had sent along to pay for his present (£2 in a neatly labelled envelope) had gone missing on its way to the North Pole, so we were made to feel like scroungers when he was presented with a gift marked "spare". Harry was terrified of Father Christmas so I had to do the talking. He did manage to muster up a "thank you" though when he was given his present. I told Father Christmas that he would like a pink train and Father Christmas promised a nice big one, so we had to clarify afterwards that of course it will only be a little one that fits on his train track.

Next scheduled visit to Father Christmas will be at his baby group next week.

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