Friday 23 December 2011

Sitting up

Mia is finally starting to sit up! Albeit with a bit of a wobble and a tendency to slump forwards. I say finally, because I see this as a big milestone. I suppose because it also comes at a time when the baby is starting to get a bit more interesting, grabbing for toys and rolling about a bit more to reach them. It also means that when you take them out places you don't need to worry about lying them down on the floor, and they prefer being in a pushchair when they can see what is going on.

Baby starting to sit up

Harry has never really been jealous of Mia, he smothers her with affection. But now that she has moved on from just lying on the floor and is starting to express an interest in his toys, I'm wondering if things will start to change. She has starting pulling up his train track and grabbing his cars, and while at the moment we can laugh it off together ("silly Mia, she's putting the train in her mouth, that's not where it goes!") there is going to come a point where he begins to get cross with her interrupting his play and messing up his things. There is also the safety aspect to consider, as most of his current toys are not designed to go in a baby's mouth.

One wonderful thing is that whatever Harry is doing does entertain Mia. It must have been so boring for him as a baby when it was just me in the house. Mia has so much going on, so much noise, chatter and things to look at!

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