Wednesday 28 December 2011

Rolobox wheel kit for boxes

Harry got some great presents for Christmas this year! Another hit was this Rolobox wheel kit, purchased from Amazon. It's a really simple idea - a set of plastic wheels and a pull cord which you can attach to any cardboard box to turn it into...whatever you like!

Rolobox wheel kit for cardboard boxes

We just stuck with making a basic box "train" for the time being. It was easy to put together, and really sturdy. Harry loaded all the toys up into the box for a ride while Mia looked on anxiously...

Rolobox wheel kit

...with good reason as it turned out!

Cardboard box wheel set

When we're moved and settled I'll try and come up with some more adventurous ideas. I've also got my eye on the Makedo connector kits for building models out of things from the recycling bin. I've not actually seen them in person though, has anyone tried them out?

The great thing about this type of activity is that you can make really large, bulky toys, and then when you feel you are running out of space you can just squash them and recycle them! And there is never a shortage of cardboard boxes in this house!

Unfortunately the Rolobox wheel kits look as though they are currently a little difficult to get hold of which is a real shame, hopefully they will be available to purchase again soon.

Update - I have two further crafts to share using these fab wheels!

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