Sunday 25 December 2011

Our little family Christmas

So this year is probably one of the few that we will spend at home with just the four of us. Mia's first Christmas, and our last Christmas in this house. I really tried to keep things simple this year, as things are hard enough with a baby and a toddler already! In previous years I have gone a bit mad with Harry's stocking presents and he has still been opening gifts days later. This year they each had a small stocking with just five or six small gifts inside, and the family presents will be spread out over a few days as we get round to visiting everyone.

For Harry's main present, we scooped a massive bargain on eBay. He loves his wooden train track, and for just £10 we won an enormous amount of more wooden track, along with trains, tunnels, bridges, stations and accessories. It also included some wooden roadway with cars, trucks, emergency vehicles and an overpass. We emptied the dining room on Christmas Eve once Harry was in bed, and spent the evening putting together a huge layout before papering up the door. Harry spotted the door first thing, but we let him open his stocking first, and then we all had breakfast before we let him go in.

Well, to say he was thrilled was an understatement. He has so far spent most of the day playing with it. His particular favourite is the electronic level crossing, which lowers automatically when a train passes.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby and a toddler

We managed to tear him away briefly to open a few family presents.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby and a toddler

 No-one noticed that some of Mia's presents were Harry's old rattles wrapped up.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby and a toddler

She sat happily in her play ring with her new toys while Harry helped her with the unwrapping.

Celebrating Christmas with a baby and a toddler

Our Christmas lunch was also very simple and far from traditional, but took hardly any time to prepare, suited us and was very toddler friendly!

Celebrating Christmas with a baby and a toddler

Happy Christmas everyone!

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