Friday 2 December 2011

On to the bottles

So my breastfeeding is slowly coming to an end. I've managed six months, with some purees for the last few weeks. I'll still be feeding at night for a bit though I expect, and I'll find it difficult to give up the 4.30/5am feed, when Mia comes into bed with me and I get a couple of hours extra sleep.

This means that we are now formula feeding, or as I prefer to call it "tipping formula down the sink". Mia seems to be taking after her big brother and not being too keen on her milk, whichever form it comes in. I suppose it's also a bit of an adjustment from lots of little feeds throughout the day to a smaller number of bottles. With Harry I used to get very stressed and anxious when he would only drink 1oz at a time, but having been there before I am hoping that Mia will pick up like Harry did in the end. In the meantime, now that she is six months old I can top her up with yoghurt and cheesy sauces.

Something that I did differently this time was starting to express milk daily very early on, and building up a stock of milk in the freezer. We could then we gave Mia a bottle every few days so that she was used to it. We learned this after a traumatic time trying to get Harry to take a bottle.

I knew that I'd never be an extended breastfeeder, and so I'm really proud that I managed to get this far.

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